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Stay tuned, our brand new facility is opening March 2017!
  • Reopening Spring 2017!

    Reopening Spring 2017!

  • Reopening Spring 2017!

    Reopening Spring 2017!

  • Reopening Spring 2017!

    Reopening Spring 2017!

Garden Plants Augusta, GA
How green is your thumb? Put it to the test by picking up our seasonal plants and other garden plants.
Fresh Produce Augusta, GA
Fresh produce, fresh vegetables and more… it’s all here at our local market.
Seasonal Plants Augusta, GA
Stay up-to-date with what Good Earth and all the local farmers are up to!

Local Market in Augusta, GA

Fill your fridge and pantry with natural goodness rather than foods filled with chemicals and unnatural flavors. The locally-owned-and-operated Good Earth Produce & Garden Center offers quality, fresh produce and plants to the local Augusta, GA community. Why purchase your fruits, vegetables, other produce and garden plants from a grocer that gets shipments from places far away and unknown to you? Good Earth can be summed up in two words: quality and local. Our first and foremost goal is to provide our local shoppers the highest quality plants and produce that come from our local community.

“There is grocery store produce pumped with unknown chemicals shipped from Lord knows where and then, there is Good Earth that has local, fresh, delicious produce and beckons you weekly for more. With friendly staff like Kristin, who always offers a warm smile and welcoming hello and has come to know me by name, there is no other place I'd rather spend money locally while also supporting local farmers…”

–Natalie Haywood Scoggins via Facebook 

Our Farmers Market Is More Than Just A Grocer

We’re not just a shop, we’re a farmers market, offering fresh vegetables, fresh produce, seasonal plants, and more for the community. We’re always sure to keep our local market as just that: local. We sell produce and plants that are grown here locally and provide them to the local community. We do business with local farmers who provide the highest quality products and hire local people to be a part of our team. If you were to add this quality and locality together, you would get only one solution: Good Earth. 



150 Davis Rd., Augusta, GA 30907

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