This week at Good Earth:

*NEW ARRIVALS!* Assorted Heirloom pumpkins!
*NEW ARRIVALS!* Pie and carving pumpkins!
*NEW ARRIVALS!* Mums, Asters, Fall Marigolds!

*NEW ARRIVALS!* Apples: 
McIntosh, Fuji, Gala - $1.49/lb 
Honeycrisp Apples - $2.99/lb

Indian Corn - $4.99/bunch
Silver Queen and Bi-color corn - 6 for $12

Assorted plum hybrids

Butterbeans (limited supply!)

*LAST CALL for Peaches! When they're gone, they're gone (until next year)!

Still in Season:
GA Mountain tomatoes, Muscadines and Scuppernongs, 
Fresh Shelled Beans and Peas... 
and more! 
For questions about availability and prices, simply give us a call at (706) 550-0227!
Because we get new items every day, our specials and selections change frequently.  Check back often for new featured products and prices. See something you like? Come to Good Earth to pick some up today!
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